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Youtube Channel

My main aim is to help people understand the SEO space a little better. I try to be as open as possible about sharing all the things i’ve been learning over the past 7 years in the SEO space. 


I talk about case studies, tutorials, and also cover trending topics in the SEO space. 

My SEO Course

Learn SEO

I just recently launched my complete SEO course. This is all of my SEO knowledge into one course. All my years of testing, working with clients, being a Head of SEO, and a current CMO. 

If you guys are looking for a discount shoot me an email and we’ll figure something out!

My Build-in-Public Affiliate SIte - Expert Travel Guides

I recently launched my travel website aimed at providing the best resource possible for anyone looking for things to do in a destination. 

I’m doing a build in public video series of this website to show you guys exactly what i’m doing to get traffic. I’ll be open about absolutely EVERYTHING. 

Podcast with my bro's

The Ros Bros Podcast

Two Youtubers and one startup founder – except we’re brothers (yes even me, and no I am not adopted). We’re documenting our stories during what we believe are the most crucial years for growth. 

We do one episode a month. Go check it out!

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